***Controller required for Controller Versus and Tug of War. We recommend you play using Chrome or Vivaldi.***

Shots Fired is a chaotic 26-player who-shoots-first-wins party game for the web. Gather your friends and get ready to duel - sabotage or stay fair. The fastest (or meanest) player wins!

Designed for Parties

Shots Fired is made for conventions, parties - wherever you can take your PC, you can take the game.  Plus, it's simple enough for anyone to pick up - perfect for your non gaming friends!

Three Game Modes

Shots Fired includes three unique game modes:

  • Keyboard Frenzy - the original 26 player quickdraw game. You have a random amount of time to prepare or sabotage your friends so you can win!
  • Controller Versus - a 2 player shootout using one controller - tug, grab and snatch to win (or just play fairly) and shoot first!
  • Tug of War - another 2 player game mode - but this time, you must frantically press the trigger to "tug" more that your friend (sabotage permitted, if you like)

Regular Updates

While the game is still in beta I plan to continuously update it with new features and fixes, until eventually the game reaches "complete" status.

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